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Dear Moms,

The work you do is valuable. Let me say that again, the work you do is valuable.

The work you do to provide care and support to others is valuable. The work you do to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks for your family is valuable. The wiping of noses, the appointment making, the listening and hand holding, the sandwich making and snack packing and the never ending to-do lists. ALL. VALUABLE.

While these things don’t measure how smart you are, or whether or not your degree in ‘this or that’ makes you better or worse in…

This is me, beginning a journey of a thousand miles with a single step, literally and figuratively.

I was in my mid 30’s when this picture was taken, just setting off on a journey through the Indian Himalayas.

Before marriage and motherhood, I was either over-working or over-adventuring. If I wasn’t working, I made sure to explore the world and seek out new adventures. Remember my mantra “curiosity is my currency, learning is my lifeblood?” …

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It is the advocates and resistors that always stand out. We know them. We hear them. And their words, for better or worse, are like tidalwaves, rising above all the others. If we are part of the “everyone else” then these people speak for us and through us. When we agree with them we are content and can sit passively on their wings, hanging on for their next word like a shot of lightning, fueling us for just a little bit longer. But, if we disagree, then what?

Then, what we feel inside festers and burns and wounds us.


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Life is finite. I don’t have time for anger, but sometimes I will sit in its viscosity just long enough to flirt with its power. Then, I will banish it. I will banish it with a swift blow that knocks the wind right out of its gut. I will banish it with the power of choice.

I choose to not let it take me. I choose to focus on what can be. I choose to banish that which immobilizes me. I choose joy and possibility.

Go away anger, you are not welcome here.

In this world today we are constantly…

2020 has been enlightening, thought-provoking, validating, and downright exceptional in all the best and worst ways.

But one thing stands unique among the rest. The unexpected gift of personal connection in the absence of physical connection, connections that would be put off in any other year because of distance, time, culture, or geography. But instead, this year enabled a new kind of connection with so many different people from so many places around the world. People who are doing amazing work, hard work, and whose ideas are important, valuable and necessary for the advancement of humanity. People who are motivated…

Every year, for each of the last four years, my daughters and I have held fast to the holiday tradition of hosting a mother-daughter cookie exchange and it’s something we look forward to each year. Lots of sweet treats and even sweeter friends all coming together to kick off the holiday season.

So, given the realities of 2020, we decided not to cancel but to instead reimagine our “cookie-exchange” into a gingerbread house building contest complete with online photo submissions and virtual voting.

This year, no gathering, no exchanging of fresh-baked cookies, no light-hearted worrying about the dog or little…

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The unequal distribution of unpaid work is still one of the most pressing problems affecting women in our time and, in particular, their economic advancement. Why is it, that today, there is still a gendered division of labor even in the most progressive and equality driven countries? …

Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus were, among a long list of other things, stoics. The origin of the modern word “stoic” was derived from these ancient times but its definition has since become muddled. Today we often think of someone that is stoic as someone that is void of emotion or someone that can endure without complaining. But, the stoics of ancient times were far more emotionally evolved than this simple modern definition.

Stoicism was a philosophy that believed we have the mental flexibility to frame our own life circumstances in ways that can improve our lives. In other words…

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In a moment of pre-teen mother-daughter angst, my strong-willed oldest stomps out of the room shouting “sorry you had to be my mother, that you are soooooo buuuurdened by it!” She is wicked smart and when she wants to sting, she knows exactly where to do it.

But, this is what I also know. She is confident with her sting because she is safe. She knows I wouldn’t trade motherhood for the world. She knows I love her and that I love being her mother and that I wouldn’t give up any of the joy or anguish of it.


Art by Alessandra Olanow @aolanow

Unicorn Space. Doesn’t this sound like it must be a beautiful place, albeit mythical, to frolic and flourish? It conjures up something untouchable and fantastical, a place that only the most privileged people could possibly discover and inhabit.

Eve Rodsky, in her book “Fair Play”, aptly coined this phrase and describes unicorn space as “the passion and purpose that drives us to be the best version of ourselves”. She goes on to say that if we don’t nurture what makes us come alive then our identity, relationships, and fulfillment will be at stake.

Let me say that agin, “nurture what…

Kristi Rible

Motherhood+Work+People+Culture. Bringing a Gen X perspective to the Future-of-Work and Life. Cultural Literacy Counts.

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